The Thru-Line Theatre (Theatre Troupe)

Theatre Winter Haven presents a partnership with The Thru-Line Theatre. Amongst the chaos of 2020, The Thru-Line Theatre was created in response to the social injustices and cultural shifts of our society. They are a non-profit theatre company, dedicated to telling stories that elevate marginalized voices and enlighten the minds of their audience. The stories they tell highlight the groups that their founding members represent – Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQ+, and women. Every season, you will see a common thread or theme that will connect their productions, readings, and workshops – a thru-line for the season! This season, their thru-line is LOVE and TRUTH. For information regarding The Thru-Line Theatre’s workshops, auditions, and performances, please click the link below.

Join The Thru-Line Theatre

Do you feel stuck or blocked artistically?  Do you have unfinished creative projects or one that you have always wanted to complete? Are you in the artistic field, always working and supporting other people’s projects, but never your own? Are you recently retired and looking to get back into that artistic hobby you always loved before life took over? The Artist’s Way course is a life changing journey that will help you to open your imagination and encounter a myriad of experiences that will increase your artistic productivity.

The past two years have brought about many changes and uncertainty, shifting what we considered “normal”. However, these shifts have also given us the time to focus on self-care and embrace the creativity inside us! Finish off the year by joining us in this powerful, twelve-week course designed for novices, working artists, and anyone who wants to embrace their inner creativity. These weekly readings, exercises and discussion will propel you toward a more fulfilling, creative life!

In a supportive and safe setting, we will:

    • Work through the chapters and exercises in The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.
    • Explore people, places, things in both our past and present that keep us from plunging forward with our art.
    • Hold ourselves accountable to daily/weekly creative practices and (at least!) one project each that we will share at the last class.
    • Discover new processes to make us more proactive and productive.
    • Re-discover joy, in little things, in one another, and in our day to day lives. 

Auditions: Stay tuned!

Performances: Stay tuned!

For further information about The Thru-Line Theatre, you can visit their website at: